Do you have access to a 3D printer?

Download the 3D file here

Would you like to recieve Mysterabbits via mail?

Mysterabbit is a non-profit street art project started by a few friends to spread a bit of mystery and joy to the world.

We have no financial backers or donors. We fund the entire project (making the pieces, maintaining the website, mailing etc…) from our own pockets and we give away the pieces entirely free to all participants around the world. Therefore it is very important that each participant is willing to place the pieces in public places, take the photos and upload them to this website.

If you're interested in participating, please email us with the response to the below questions:

1. Can you tell us why you'd like to participate in this project and what you plan to do with the Mysterabbits if we mailed them to you?

2. Once you recieve the pieces, will you willing to place them in public places, take photos and upload them to

3. Do you have either a Facebook or Instagram account? If so, are you willing to upload your photos using either of them?

Note: If you chose to use Facebook please follow the simple steps here . If you chose to use Instagram simply hashtag your photos with #mysterabbit. It's important that 'Add to Photo Map' is turned ON, so your photos are placed on the map on our website.

4. Your full name and mailing address.